Flag Program

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for being a part of the Angelina Rotary Club flag program. Since 1997, this program has been the sole fundraiser for our club. For 19 years, Rotarians have been putting out and picking up flags five times per year on holidays. It has been an absolute joy and privilege to serve our community with this project.

The time has come for our club to move in another direction. This decision has not come lightly as several members have participated in this project since its inception. It is our desire for the flags to continue to be displayed.

We are going to have a final flag fundraiser, and we hope that you will participate. We are going to sell these flags. Because of the quality of the flags, we feel they will be sold quickly. For $50 per flag, individuals and businesses can purchase a flag(s) to proudly display. This price also includes a PVC pipe in the ground to hold the flag in place and your curb marked to indicate the location for the flag. We will also be providing a magnet with dates as a reminder of patriotic holidays.

The money from this fundraiser will be used to fund the work of our club by providing college scholarships to students, providing teacher grants to further enhance learning in local schools, completing projects to better our community and supporting Rotarians world-wide working to end the dreaded polio disease.

If you would like to purchase a flag and support the work of the Angelina Rotary Club, please mail $50 to Angelina Rotary Club, P.O. Box 150131, Lufkin, Texas 75915, indicating the address for the location of the flag. Or, click the “Buy A Flag” button from the menu bar. Flags may be bought as gifts. If you would like to gift someone a flag, please indicate their address as well. 

Flags will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Once all flags are sold, we will complete this final fundraiser. Please let your friends and neighbors know about this opportunity as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your street to be lined with flags in honor of our great country?

We look forward to your support.